Control of water leaks

Domestic and industrial detector of water leaks

The H2O-GUARD system was conceived and designed to detect water leaks in domestical or indiustrial waterworks.

The survey is carried out based on abnormalities of the smooth flow.

The system is properly configured to intervene effectively in case of faults while minimizing the inconvenience caused to block any unwanted water dispenser.


  • 2 function keys and easy to use
  • Battery for data retention
  • Backlit display with easy to read graphics
  • Display operating status through the display and colored LED


  • Plastic container and associated electronics with fall protection
  • Protection of water and IP55 dust


  • Adjustable resolution sensor
  • Buzzer presenza allarmeBuzzer alarm presence


  • Green LED - indicates absence of abnormal consumption
  • Yellow LED – OUTSIDE HOME-function with consumption control
  • Red LED - Alarm signal: the presence of consumption that exceeds the average value in default


The system must be installed by a qualified company (Law 46/90) by following the installation instructions

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