In D.O.C. wines the process must be validated by external laboratories which certify the product and approve for admission and retention of the mark.

The biosensor DiVino is a wine measuring instrument that allows you to control the various parameters of wine comfortably in the cellar, thereby allowing you to have control any time of the malic and lactic transformation, the reducing sugars and the ethanol.

A truly innovative tool that works in a simple and precise way and thereby allowing you to monitor the entire production cycle with considerable savings in time and costs.

Five tests in one instrumen

The biosensor DiVino is the first measuring instrument that allows to run a series of tests with the same appliance. Just dilute the wine with water, add a specific amount of reagent solution, add a drop or two into the funnel cell and then select the on the keyboard the analyse that has to be measured. Wait a few minutes and the value (in g/l or %/vol) appears on the display.


  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Glucose + fructose
  • Malic acid
  • Lactic acid (L, D, L + D)
  • Reducing sugars

The advantage for you? You can keep the quality of your wine under control whenever you want and at extremely low costs.

Measurements are performed by a properly sized biosensor in a portable and compact size for use.

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